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The Linger Effect is a Bourgeois Scam

by The Linger Effect

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Popism 03:37
you're on fire - you're a legend tonight you're a supernova burning bright attracting cheers and attracting shouts attracting stares from detracting louts at the all night parties with the all night boys and the all night players with business ploys some shining brightly but mostly just burning and some turning on but most are just turning under the lights and under the weather you know how it will be and you should know better but everyone wants to see and be seen though no one gets more than a piece of the dream oh everyone wants to be your friend 'til the evening fades and the bulbs all dim where waiting patiently out of view the morning is always ever true oh everyone wants to go out with you but no one wants to go home with you oh everyone wants to go out with you but no one wants to go home with you tonight
so now we're just a whispered rumour a thought you have to think away we're filed away in a closed cupboard we're locked inside the room that you left today you walk into the dreams of others never mind that you can't even sleep but no one is coming back to save you and no one to judge the secrets that you keep time will say nothing but i told you so time will say nothing but i told you so time will say nothing but i told you so time will say nothing but i told you so
Are you soundly sleeping tonight, oh John? Since you have gone you know that you can't ever come home - no not again - so make it where you are, oh John. On the streets unseen for so long you know that they still speak your name but no, it's not like before - you were a winner, but they evened the score. Are you soundly sleeping tonight, oh John? Be glad that you've gone. You know that you can't ever come home - no not again. Please don't dream tonight of the ones who depended upon the boy so handsome, so winsome and strong. You know that they live in the past and oh John, that's where they belong.
they flock to the mirror like he invented suicide entranced by the glimmer that they see inside they automatic write the unfinished songs i suppose it's their right but it seems so wrong the glass spells out the words to the disillusioned herd and on t-shirts in the square you can see it everywhere all in all (alone) is all we are (together!) the universal individual
Willoughby 05:20
Indoctrinated at a tender age, taken under wing of the brethren's sage, sheltered and shown how to behave, shown how to recruit and how to save... All the promises made really got you hooked, but all that's really written in those books is you've gotta get 'em while they're young - yeah you've gotta get 'em while they're young. And now you've got an ex-wife in the 'burbs and a new child bride from the local church and someday the Lord will take your troubles away (well I've got bad news, honey, they're here to stay). When you reach your holy hands out to tithe you hear all the girls in the pews all sigh and your parents they couldn't be more proud - well, you're living the dream - or as close as allowed - but you're still the same scared little, little boy as you parade about your new decoy. Oh, tell me, honey, now what would they say if they knew the fellowship that you really crave? No one knows the real you. No one knows what's really true. Oh, tell me how it feels to never feel whole? And just how black is the dark night of the soul as you pray the gay away?
Sects 04:21
the streets are full of sects and i've lost my way a flash of a smile leads me astray i forget who i am when i see your face but you drift by just to drift away and you're the tenth today you're not alone in leaving me alone but i'm alone in every way i need something new today a laying-on of hands or just a lay
Mirrors 03:41
your guard is up when the sun is low i only called to let you know if you say please i couldn't say no so just believe and make it so let me see your face let me see your face the street is dead but i'm alive and laid out like a map for you maybe someday you'll move to my town and maybe someday i'll move you can i see your face? can i see your face? my hands are your hands oh i feel for you do you feel anything? fear anything you want to i won't judge or laugh just give it time to pass i'll go if you say so but i want you to know i can see your face i can see your face
I have the same dreams as any man - from the Dutchman to the bayman, from the bushman to the shaman, to the churchman to the Klansman - a car, a job, a solid home, a silverfox of my very own - and this is all I hope: John Slattery, marry me! Oh marry me, John Slattery! It may not seem à propos, but I'm not so strange, I'll have you know, and this remains ever so: when you're disheveled, i'm unleveled when you're unshaven, i am raving and rabid and depraved... John Slattery, marry me! Oh marry me, John Slattery! I will drink the dregs of the day - I will chase those cameras away. Let's just shut the world out. Let me pull the shades around - I will keep you safe and sound... Please just hear me out: Anderson Cooper, marry me! Victor Garber, marry me! Oh marry me, George Clooney! Henry Czerny, marry me! Daniel MacIvor, marry me! Oh marry me, John Slattery!
Dansez! Dansez! C'est cool. Bon vivant! Bon vivant! C'est cool Carte blanche! Carte blanche! C'est cool. Vis-à-vis! Vis-à-vis! C'est cool. Dos-à-dos! Dos-à-dos! C'est cool. TV discotheque international.
Kill Oscar 02:15
I'd been wanting you to come and you just went off on a tangent. I'd been wanting moments to go so years down the road along comes a memory and you go along to help it along - you build the memories and make them strong. Oh I'll dream that you speak of me - I'll imagine that you can speak kindly (and you'll imagine that it's you that I imagine). Oh I'll suck down your poison for years for you've drained the years for your poison. Oh I'll suck down your poison for years for you've drained the years for your poison.
Quakers 06:06
I don't mean to be impolite, but darling please put out the light and lie still - so still that we feel the tremor of traffic a mile outside this town; so still, each breath's an aftershock from the faults we've found within - deep down, deep seated - on this two-seater journey I usually ride alone. Turn on automatic pilot - it will guide us home.
Steuerpimpel 03:47
You could pull yourself together, but admit it - you like feeling bad. You wanted too long, too hard, too obviously for anyone to bear, and now you stumble along dim streets doubled-over with an ache you just can't put into words. Rejection's your predilection - desperation, your preoccupation - you're damaged.
I could be the bigger person, but i'm not. I don't wish you well. I just wish you hell.
All Better 04:08
This may sound kind of heartless - this may seem without tact, but this is a point of interest. This is in point of fact. I say this without malice. I say this without spite. Life is better without you in it. Life gets better every night. I'm doing fine without you - what else can I say? Life gets better every minute. Life is better in every way. However I try to spin it it comes out the same way: life is better without your bullshit. Life gets better every day.
Strangers 03:16
Helping helpless hours to help themselves - I'm poured over 6 cylinders; given to skeletons of sour milk bodies who'll go home on that someday ever-coming. You will be lonely again. I won't mind if you find me. I'm a stranger here, myself.
Idiophone 03:18
Idiophone: cabasa, celesta, cowbell, güiro, handbells, hi-hat, marimba, vibraphone.
Liebe Zeit 05:58
You believe everything I say and it should be no other way. You'll believe anything, it's true - that's why I talk to you. Every day I say something new (some days - even about you) and your eyes - oh how they glow! - as you begin to know. Nothing else could ever be as nice as another me and what have you got to lose when you've nothing else to choose? So keep your slate clean and I'll fill it with reams of anecdotes and memories - it's all you'll ever need. All I've got to give is all you've ever live, but I only share, I swear, to show how much I care.
You're just another sad old man sinking in a wrinkled suit. Oh look - you've got your knees wet. Oh look - you forgot your hat. You lose your head, you said, when you're at my place, and you've lost the race - but you're the same as anyone and not some hopeless case. Well we're wasting time with all this talk - would another smoke help this to go down? Or perhaps a drink? Don't think - just act - but don't play roles with me. Don't play roles with me. Time is almost up - you've drained the cup leaving rings as round as those circling your eyes. I hate good-byes. Shall I see you tonight just after eight? This is what comes with forty years of self-hatred: deep in the dark you lay... deep in the dark you lay... garnering the courage to face forty minutes of freedom a day. Such a cliché...forty minutes a day.
I'm in the pictures they'll never show - creased into corners of bottom drawers - in the house I burn today with seven minutes in heaven with you after eons there alone.
your curtains open & i hang bare i will be a bore for you for a lifetime of xmas and morning fucks i want you to have everything you've got with me here you are my friend & just for me again that newsreel feeling i pushed away a lifetime ago i don't want my life in order i only understand disorder i didn't see your point but your words still stick in my side forgetting's not something you do it's just something that happens to you oh no
Words come quickly - a beautiful roar - like a loaded gun in the house next door. "A tattered blue blazer and battered old ring - surely you can't care for these things?" As your cigarette curls around my head I'm taking in air, but can't catch my breath. I don't remember anything before - all my life was just a preface to Now. Alive and awake and aware and free and shining as bright as bright can be - we glow! If we go down, we go full of stars full-on!
I can no longer keep it up and so you push me under. All the good times shamed away - you're the only one laughing today. You don't want me to live - you don't care what it means to have you accept what you'll never see as right or as clean. I'm still the same boy and.....a whole new person. If all it takes is all we had, well now, then it's worth it to look in the mirror and not look away - to look in the mirror and not feel that way - and not feel sorry. And so it's come down to this: there's too many stories between us 'cause you need something over your head, but I need something to stand on. You don't want me around - you just put me down. You don't care what it means to have you accept what you'll never see as me. Well, boy, I've just gotta say that all things change in little ways, but you're the same, the same, the same - a lifetime of yesterdays...


This began as an opportunity to create a new song every week in 2012 and clear the archives of half-forgotten scraps of songs. Unfortunately, I fell behind due to school/work commitments. The project can probably now be considered complete as a 2CD set.


released January 3, 2012

Kent Burt is The Linger Effect.

Cover designed by Five Seventeen. mymeanmagpie.wordpress.com




The Linger Effect St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

Reputedly abandoned as an infant on the unforgiving permafrost of northeast Newfoundland and raised by sasquatch, TLE is the type of one-man music machine that arrives only once per generation. Velvety 6-string chuggalug, chilly Teutonic synth, Eurodisco, & Mancunian post-punk bound together by a sticky, spunky aplomb that only a lifetime of being switched on and streetwise can engender. ... more

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