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Kent Burt wouldn't deny the label of "New Wave" that is so easily attached to his music. Uninterested in exploring the political rhetoric or machismo he associated with the early 90's "punk scene" -- unrelated to punk as he understood it (Wire, Gang Of Four, the Fall) -- Kent settled into writing pop songs. If not apparent by the end of the album, Kent makes his influences quite clear with the inclusion of a cover of "Haystack" by Factory Records recording artist Kevin Hewick (included with his blessing!).

Charmer features the first collaborative effort on a Linger Effect release. From Conception Bay North, Newfoundland, via Montreal, Quebec, Stephen Andrew Guy (Good Kids Pretend They're Bad, The Get Out, Blainerunner, Tilton, The Vav, False Face, Don't) contributed lyrics and vocals on the appropriately titled "Stephen Song."

Originally released by the My Mean Magpie netlabel:



released February 1, 2005

Written, produced, recorded, mixed, and performed by Kent Burt except:

"Stephen Song" lyrics/vocals written/recorded by Steven Andrew Guy.


"Haystack" written by Kevin Hewick.

Cover designed by Five Seventeen.




The Linger Effect St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

Reputedly abandoned as an infant on the unforgiving permafrost of northeast Newfoundland and raised by sasquatch, TLE is the type of one-man music machine that arrives only once per generation. Velvety 6-string chuggalug, chilly Teutonic synth, Eurodisco, & Mancunian post-punk bound together by a sticky, spunky aplomb that only a lifetime of being switched on and streetwise can engender. ... more

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Track Name: Inside The Dawn
Gently now you lift the blinds -
a swirl of sea and sky entwined.
Is it true that every day it comes,
or maybe this could be the first time?
Is this how the world looks on the inside?
Track Name: On Air
Standing there -
shoulders squared -
propped against your sparkling sense of humour.
I'd best sit down - I have nothing to lean on.

Walking through -
your steps so true -
guided by an air less gilded than mine.
Winning me over's not much of a fight.

Speaking clear,
but all I hear
is the sound of a hundred thousand heavens.
I once was lost but now I am found.
Track Name: Proper Stranger
You've already found love -
you come to me for comfort,
but I'm a little too close -
too close for just comfort.
But how could you know?
You've never been alone.
Oh no, you've never been alone.
Oh no, you've never been alone
in the night time.

I'm not someone who knows -
I'm just the one who's learning
inside you there's aching,
but aching is not yearning.
But how could you know?
You've never been alone.
Oh no, you've never been alone.
Oh no, you've never been alone
for a lifetime.
Track Name: Mountains
You search to find it, but it's still here -
but it's never been further away
and further every day.

It's kept in yearbooks and in old journals
and in the back of an old yellow car
on the scrapheap mountains

where the radio plays somewhere in time.

It's in the song that you used to whistle
on your way back from Spring Break '75 -
it made you feel alive.

It's in the comfort of old sweaters.
It's in the spring-scent air.
It's everywhere you're losing hair

and it grows now with every day ending -
it's in your closing eyes.
Track Name: I Am A Watercolour
I have been momentary.
I'm a luxury.
I'm a watercolour, darling -
I wash off.

I am no have-to-have,
no wild flowers in the hall,
no cherubs in the garden,
no dreams at all.

The sum of yourself is always there -
naked and singular - a wall -
solid and monumental, darling,
just waiting for the call

and I give you permission -
I give you back your heart -
and I give you permission -
I give you back your heart.
Track Name: Moonpond
Track Name: The Small Time
the small time
is big enough
the small time
is big enough
come home
come home
home again

the lights that shine
are lights that blind
no light
no light at all
the lights you know
forever glow
come home
home again
Track Name: Stephen Song
I woke up at five o'clock when the phone rang.
I didn't miss much that afternoon by being asleep -
quiet rooms, dirty carpet, dim light.
A grey dust settles on all the stupid things we decide to keep.

I notice how my hand leaves fingerprints on the receiver -
how my voice gets faintly echoed in the earpiece.
Outside my door your shuffling steps are the beats of memories:
border crossings, giggling, record sleeps,
and knowing smiles when we each read.

The future is the bottom of a swimming pool.
Track Name: Charmer
Where do you go,
where do you turn
when the world turns away?
It turns anyway.
What do you see,
how do you feel
when there's nothing to feel
but the space around your hands?

"I know it's hard my friend"
is all the wisdom I can muster.

Another night,
another day,
another chance to take and lose
as the world turns away.
Another dream
of another life
as you pull the shadows around like a puff -
it's another night

and you want to be wanted
more than anything else in the world.
Track Name: Postcard
The sky is clear,
the wind is warm,
summer's here
and the water's calm.

I'm alright.
I don't need you here.
I'm alright
just knowing.

just knowing
is alright.
Track Name: Haystack
She pulled off her stilettos and we fell into the haystack
and I found a needle and she pulled her sleeve back
and I crashed into her rash skinning upper arms leaving tire tracks
to give her the rush of a flash on trash.

Honey in the morning the beasts are singing
and the birds are stinging in an open-air surgery.

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