Beautiful Machines

by The Linger Effect

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Digital reissue of a cassette compilation originally released on Best Kept Secret in 2002. 15 of these tracks were featured on the original cassette release (those not included have already been reissued on Love Songs For Late Bloomers), and 8 tracks are new to this edition - including 3 experimental tracks which predate The Linger Effect by several years.


released April 1, 2002

Written, produced, recorded, mixed, performed and compiled by Kent Burt.

Tracks 13-20 were recorded on the most dilapidated equipment in existence and have been made as listenable as possible.




The Linger Effect St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

Reputedly abandoned as an infant on the unforgiving permafrost of northeast Newfoundland and raised by sasquatch, TLE is the type of one-man music machine that arrives only once per generation. Velvety 6-string chuggalug, chilly Teutonic synth, Eurodisco, & Mancunian post-punk bound together by a sticky, spunky aplomb that only a lifetime of being switched on and streetwise can engender. ... more

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Track Name: Go!
When you take your pick be careful how you choose it.
Everyone chooses so you can't say that you won't.
You can cover your eyes, but no one gets off that easy.
You can try to run, you can try to run, but you don't.
There's a reason we're here and I know you can see it
so come on now and give it over, son.
You're too sensible dressed and easily impressed
and now I'm addressing your oppressing hands - go!
Track Name: Love With The Proper Stranger
You've already found love -
you come to me for comfort,
but I'm a little too close -
too close for just comfort.
But how could you know?
You've never been alone.
Oh no, you've never been alone.
Oh no, you've never been alone
in the night time.

I'm not someone who knows -
I'm just the one who's learning
inside you there's aching,
but aching is not yearning.
But how could you know?
You've never been alone.
Oh no, you've never been alone.
Oh no, you've never been alone
for a lifetime.
Track Name: Latch
You open the door and let me in -
encouraged by gin and wasted time.
Close the latch and settle in -
flash me the grin that sends me over.

I'm so happy -
I'm so glad that you know.

A stifled laugh, a phonograph,
a pictograph of all your hopes
are all my hopes and all my arms -
all my arms are all enclosing.
Track Name: Mountains
You search to find it, but it's still here -
but it's never been further away
and further every day.

It's kept in yearbooks and in old journals
and in the back of an old yellow car
on the scrapheap mountains

where the radio plays somewhere in time.

It's in the song that you used to whistle
on your way back from Spring Break '75 -
it made you feel alive.

It's in the comfort of old sweaters.
It's in the spring-scent air.
It's everywhere you're losing hair

and it grows now with every day ending -
it's in your closing eyes.
Track Name: Sheldrake
All this time is just time wasted -
all the time we spent just waiting,
and tonight is the end of time.
You never thought I'd come so far, did you?
Well I don't want to see it through
and I'm so mad I think I could take my life.
And so tonight begins the ending -
never once beyond the beginning
I'm stopping the start of something more.
I never thought I'd come so far, and you
never thought to consider more than you
and I'm so mad I think I could take your life.
It was so far it's not so far right now,
but I think I'll just go home right now.
Track Name: Clearview
The party was ending and then
your shadow arrived -
an upturned collar and cross-stitch smile,
inching inside.
As everyone queued for a clearer view,
sighing asides,
you cleared another space in my heart
with your eyes
and if you take a long time to decide
it's alright.
If you take a long time to decide
it's alright.
Track Name: Midas Redux
I'm not impressed and I'm impressionable -
you don't leave much of a mark at all.
All your insight is quite laughable -
you're just another know-it-all.
Well I don't know just what you're here for
except you've nowhere else to be.
Maybe some are content with the motions,
but that's not enough for me.

King Midas in reverse!

You've one goal, and that's debatable.
All your actions - means to one vice:
self-propagation, mass adulation.
Here comes fame, but at what price?
Choose words carefully - I see through them all.
Your calculations won't stop your fall
and from this distance my view is crystal
oh I want to see it all - oh I want to see it.

King Midas in reverse!
Track Name: Namesake
Found in the still, dim night -
a darkness your eyes will alight
I couldn't stop this now if I tried...
...oh well, why would I?

Lost in a spring pre-dawn -
dust-rays spotlight and form
pictures of dreams just begun -
a film of the hope which I live on.

I know one day you'll give me your heart
and in turn I'll play the part -
I'll take your name and everything.
I'll take your name and everything.
Track Name: Journeys End In Lovers Meeting
As we thought - the thief...
One person will pray...
The lions are waiting
and through the iron gates...

she said...

I know why people scream...
I'd like to watch you die...
Take me by the hand...
Help me come home...

she said...
Track Name: Sequoia
Don't be so sad -
the night's not even half-over
and this is only half as bad as you think.
Think it over.

Don't be so sad -
your life isn't even half-over
and this isn't half-as-bad as you think.
Think it over.
Think of me.
Think of every way to be -
you're close to every one,
and like the sun
you make us grow.
Track Name: Revenue Body
The order's ready and I'm ready, in order...
...waiting to end and rinse away the odour.

A crimson speck on a white sheet,
a shadow of a shadow on an empty street,
a crimson speck on a white sheet,
a shadow on an empty street...

Your secret is scratched in the wall.
I don't remember your voice at all.
You see, I just punch the tones -
punch the clock and leave alone.
Please just punch the tones -
punch the clock, leave me alone, leave me alone.

You're a few contractions in a dark place,
a few more lines on a dark face,
a crimson speck on a white sheet...
a crimson speck on a white sheet...
a crimson speck on a white sheet...
a crimson speck.
Track Name: Radiate
I call out in earnest.
You fade.
Track Name: Tonight, The Lights Are Bright
Let's go to the lake.
Let's go to the lake.
I've something to show you there.
There's something I must show you there.

Take me to the water.
Take me to the water.
The lights are bright on the lake tonight.
Tonight, the lights are bright.

Take me to the water
and push me slowly under.
The lights are bright on the lake tonight.
Tonight, the lights are bright.

Don't let go.
Darling, don't let go.
Track Name: The Second Skin
suddenly it all comes clear
no reflection - just decisions made
a soft light in a long hallway
everything is in its place

be quiet now it means nothing
just a movement in the morning grey
bent double and caught unawares
with doubletalk or double dares

so now you think it's all okay
when really you just think it away
crawling back it comes at night
crawling in, and lying beside

crawling back and burrowing in
closing around - the second skin
Track Name: Static
Here it comes, moving faster -
a spaceshot - radio blaster!
Between the eyes and through the head -
leave me for dead and now I am electric!
Radio blaster!

Everything I see and hear,
everything I touch and fear,
everyone I know and meet,
everyone out in the street's electric!
Radio blaster!

Here it comes, moving faster -
a spaceshot - radio blaster!
A direct hit to my mind...
Pulsating and alive,
the message - it comes in static -
the message comes in static,
the message comes in static,
the message is automatic!
Track Name: Stasis
You're going somewhere tonight
that I can never see -
to the end of the walk
where the night leaves darkness and me.

It's something I know too well.

Standing here on the steps alone
with the wind and the leaves
I long for tomorrow when time
again will cease
to pass me by as again we lie
in the forest of our lies -
tall and strong and where we belong -
towering to the sky.

It's a feeling I know too well.

So tomorrow night you'll come again
as if from another land
and all down my spine and all over my eyes
the sense of another's hands.

It's a feeling I know too well.
Track Name: Shatter
So long ago
and so far away
but not so far
from where you are
I once saw
the sun explode
and shatter into
a thousand stars.
Track Name: Davis
A town this old has its share of ghosts -
you said "I've a few of my own."

So alone, so alone, so alone, so alone.

You don't come to me - I come to you.
You hide away and I find you

so alone, so alone, so alone, so alone.

You're beautiful.
You're beautiful.
Track Name: Blinders
Come a little closer -
I never learned to walk.
you ask all the questions -
I never learned to talk.

My steps are met with splinters
or they are out of line.
There's wisdom in what you say.
Say it all the time:

"Everything's sad if you make it so."

Tell me where to tread.
I'll follow in your stead
down pathways so well defined.
I will fall behind.

Help me find my way around.
Everything's the wrong way 'round.
Somehow the world turned inside-out
and I wasn't looking.

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