Always Sick

by The Linger Effect



Release notes for the 2007 digital reissue:

1999's Always Sick, a split release by The Felicity Syndrome and The Linger Effect was meant to be the start of a series of experimental cassettes to be launched on a side label called Tape-Gun cassettes. However, the bands submitted tracks that were more great than experimental and the music was released under My Mean Magpie.

The 30-minute cassette was originally packaged in hand-made cases that were both elaborate and painstaking - with rivets, string, fabric and French paper. 13 of the limited edition were made.

After 8 long years, the album finally sees a reissue in digital form with reworked artwork and a bonus track from The Felicity Syndrome.




released May 1, 1999

Written, produced, recorded, mixed, and performed by Kent Burt.

Cover designed by Pica Pica.




The Linger Effect St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

Reputedly abandoned as an infant on the unforgiving permafrost of northeast Newfoundland and raised by sasquatch, TLE is the type of one-man music machine that arrives only once per generation. Velvety 6-string chuggalug, chilly Teutonic synth, Eurodisco, & Mancunian post-punk bound together by a sticky, spunky aplomb that only a lifetime of being switched on and streetwise can engender. ... more

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Track Name: Edge Of Darkness
tonight the arms will open
taken inside
warm like eiderdown

all over the city
and all across the world

the doors will open
and tonight
the floors fall through

all over the city
and all across the world
it's a lie, it's a lie
to keep you down

the wounds all open
until the morning comes
like a god stillborn
Track Name: Walking Distance
I walked alone along the old street again
and right up to your door
the ghost of your mother calling
and your father home at four

dream again
another time and place
dream again
boys at summer play
but it's all gone

I passed the steps where a church once stood
and the river where we'd lie
a hundred hours on the banks
watching all the planes go by

back around to where the school still stands
and down along the park
red light, green light, 1-2-3
and horror movies in the dark
Track Name: Aquaman
When I was a boy
I'd dream of the ocean
my hands on the starfish
my eyes in the coral

we can go now - down and away
we can go now - go there and stay
we can go now a long, long way

When I was a boy
I'd dream of the ocean
a parade of castles
at thirty fathoms
Track Name: Saturday (remix)
Come on over I know a way to pass the time.
You hesitate, but I don't think she'd mind
and isn't it a waste to spend the day alone?
Track Name: Wait (remix)
What's the hurry, baby?
I'm not going anywhere.
I'll just sit and wait for you
to come back around.

What's that you're saying, baby?
I can't understand anything.
Keep quiet, sit tight,
and wait for a moment to come along.

I know you better than you'd like
and you like me more than you'll let me know.
I know you better than you'd like
and you like me more than you'll let me know.

Let me know.
Let me know.
Let me know.

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